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ZamZuu (Shopping Online)
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ZamZuu ( Shopping Online)

ZamZuu (Shopping Online)



Hello my name is Howard am a volunteer for ZamZuu (Shopping Online) Homeless organization and they
need you help all you have to do is shop on Amazon through their websites and you will be helping the Homeless
it is a good deal no cost to you. All you have to do is goto our website and click on any banner then you type
in your product you want select your product and the add it to your checkout cart and when you click on pay you
will be directed to you sign in page on amazon and you sign in and complete your order it is just that simple

We are also looking for volunteers and team members
email us at ( or ) send us your email in our message box and say volunteer
we will send you our ad material.


Hello we here at ZamZuu have a number of projects that we are doing and want to accomplish our first project
is to buy homes and upgrade them with solar energy and when we put someone in the home we will meet first with
that individual and only charge them what they can afford our company will own the home but here's the catch
that home owners will have the right to keep the home and let their family members move in and live
we will provide up keep. That means we will keep up the property at no charge to the homeowner, and pay the

We want to own the hold block of houses and let people live in them based on their income we will rent to
black,white,asian,mexican, etc. We will have block a meeting where everyone gets to know each other that will
stop crime.

For the kids we are going to offer the family 24 hour day care, and tutoring we will also test them to see
their weakness and strenghts and work to improve on both.

We also will have a food pantry to help out, plus clothes and winter coats.

We also will provide free Health Care and Dental Care for all given priority to our families who has one of our homes
then we will help out any other people who needs our services.

Even it you do not shop from our website and want to show support click on any banner we will get credit. Thank You


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